Building The Meme Metaverse.

Build anything you ever imagined in a metaverse made of blocks. Interact with your friends, share and even sell your creations.

What are we cooking here?

We are developing a meme-metaverse where all players will connect each other (worldwide) to create awesome stuff to share and/or sell it for the MEMELAND token using our own Marketplace. All trades at the marketplace and actions (add, delete blocks and more) inside the metaverse will be made using the MEMELAND token.

Feature 03


Every player will pay a small fee of the token in order to add/remove blocks and buy assets for the player for example.

Feature 01

Marketplace trading

The MEMELAND token will be used to pay for such awesome creations!

Feature 02

Land mining

Holders of the MEMELAND token will be able to mine lands when mainnet is launched.

Feature 02


Having a given amount of tokens in your wallet will give you some tasty tokens due to staking.

We are safe. Do not trust, verify.

Feature 03

Locked liquidity

Liquidity is locked for 6 months!

Feature 01

No ownership

The MEMELAND Contract has no ownership function so it can not be modified.

Feature 02

0% TAX

The MEMELAND Contract has 0 taxes on both sides, buy and sell.

Feature 03

Continuous development

Meme project gone serious, we keep delivering!

Still not convinced on buying?

No worries! You can still FOMO buy at +10M marketcap!